Get Organized: The Liturgical Garden Calendar

p80700111Since it is now over a month since the commencement of the secular new year, it is safe to say that if you haven’t used that hopefully beautiful parish calendar you picked up with the bulletin late last year, you’re not going to…

That is, unless you utilize it for the amazing garden calender you’re going to make right after you read this.

See, a parish calendar is perfect for organizing all the information to make your garden a true victory this year, and not only because you’ll schedule when to sow and potentially harvest, but also because you’ll be able to line all those green thumb dates up with some important liturgical ones.

First, use the unseasonably warm weather we are currently experiencing in Cincinnati this week to go and scout around your yard for  your 2009 seed needs.  If possible, use graph paper to make a plan of your 2009 garden, especially if you are looking to expand it or experiment with some new fruits or vegetables.

Then, buy your 2009 seeds, as well as any materials you will need for starting seeds inside!  We got ours at a local hardware store here in Hartwell.

Then, schedule on the calendar when you will be:

  • starting your seeds inside
  • moving the prospective transplants to a sheltered area outside about a week before transplanting (in order to acclimatize them)
  • planting the seeds and the transplanted seedlings
  • expecting to harvest (this info is usually listed on the seed packet) the fruits and veggies of your labor
  • sowing some seedlings with more frequency, in order to extend the harvest

Some other important dates to note are:


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