flickers of hope

As we walked down the street to our church Sunday evening for the Pro-Life Pumpkin Memorial, John and I both whispered prayers for the wind to calm. The cooler temperatures were bearable, but the gusting winds would never allow for all those pumpkins to be lit. We arrived to the front of our church along with several other hundred who had gathered. The folk group was singing/playing beautifully, and the kids unbundled just enough to sample some cookies from the refreshment table. We chatted briefly with friends and family, then found a spot near the street light pole to sit with the kids up front.
The teens organizing the event, started with a few abortion statistics. May we find hope in the fact that the number of abortions have declined since last year, but still 3,600 babies die every day in the US from abortion. There were 400 pumpkins on the steps, each memorializing 9 of those babies. Our parish priest, Fr. Rick prayed with us, and music continued as the teens proceeded to light the 400 pumpkins…with only a slight breeze. Prayers were answered as the wind had been calmed! Thank you Jesus! I got goosebumps as the crowd of hundreds sang together “Hail Mary, Gentle Woman.” It was just beautiful. Afterwards everyone was welcome to take a pumkin (or several) home with them to light and show support for Life. We pulled our little red wagon home, this time in winds that nearly pushed the little ones over. Thank you Lord, for allowing the calm, if only for 1/2 an hour!
I am so inspired by the youth of our parish, and hopeful that this ugly battle for Life will one day end. I continue to remain optimistic that the ProLife ticket will prevail next Tuesday.


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