Evening for Life recap

Well, lo and behold, I did run into Mr. Matt Swaim, roving reported for Sacred Heart Radio, at last evening’s Banquet for Life.  While there is always serious tone demanded by the subject matter, last night seemed to be a bit lighter of heart than previous years; much more joyful; which I found surprising considering the prospects of the general election, but I digress.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the levity of the evening was the charisma of the keynote speaker, Eduardo V of the movie Bella.  He was displaying all the charm that came across in the movie, where there was a glow to his presence, a man who filled the room.  He was quick with wit, joking about his lack of English skills, but also really honing in on the key importance of the Pro-Life movement: it is about the babies.  He made the necessary connection that all in the Pro-Life movement already realize: that commitment does not stop at the birth of the child, but continues on to help the parents to be able to raise the child to accomplish the mission that God has for him or her.

He told the heart warming story of how, when he was preparing for the move, he paid a visit to an abortion mill in NYC.  As he was standing there, he was recognized from his telenovela days in Mexican television and a young woman talked with him for over an hour, missing her appointment inside the death mill.

Six months later, he received a call from the father of the child asking if they could name their son after him!  He then started preparing for the child’s life and preparation, even arranging for his baptism.  What an impressive talk!

But, to meet someone who was so humble even in the face of great stardom, wow.  Example of priorities in the right order:

I had an emergency phone call from the one and the same Matt Swaim yesterday, late afternoon: “Father, can you say Mass?!?!”  “Well, yes, Matt, that is what I do as a priest.”  “HAR HAR, Eduardo has made a commitment that he attends Mass every day and hasn’t been able to yet today, could you say Mass for him afterwards?”  SURE, d’love to!

Reason, in his words: “I live in the midst of the culture of death and the culture of vainglory.  If I do not get the grace of the Eucharist, the rosary and my prayer, all that I do can so easy become about me and not about Him.  I need that constant re-orientation to the Lord.”

So, after the event, we returned to his hotel and offered Mass with him, his assistant, the pres of Right to Life, and one of our seminarians who knew him from being in the same prayer group in Hollywood.  It was an honor to meet him, and what an easy man to chat with, and someone whose passion for the Lord is not hidden beneath ‘Political Correctness.’

That more would be the same…..

God Bless, Eduardo!  Keep up the great work.


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  1. That is supremely cool.

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