Big Slap Coming!

If you have been following along with the Daily Mass readings, get ready, tomorrow’s the day!

This week, we have been hearing from St. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians as our First Reading at Mass.  The situation in Galatia was, um…., interesting.  St. Paul visited the area on three of his journeys (all but his trip to Rome, and we know how that ended), and seems to have been one of the first Christian missionaries to visit this area of Asia Minor, present day around Ankara, Turkey.

While he was the first, St. Paul was not the only missionary to traverse the hills and valleys here.  It seems pretty clear that others came after him and started to teach the Galatians that they had to add on to what Paul had given them, for he did not require them to embrace the Mosaic Law code, as these latter missionaries did.  (No bacon-cheeseburgers for them!)

In the intial two chapters of the Letter, we hear Paul’s defense of how he came to know and teach the faith: From Christ and confirmed by the Twelve, even so far as going (in today’s readings) against Peter for hypocrisy.

So, stay tuned for tomorrow, as the hammer gets dropped!

– Fr. Schnippel


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