Awfully Quiet ’round here!

It seems to have been awfully quiet around here these last few days.  While I was out playing in the snow of Colorado (well, I hoped it would snow while I was out there!), no one seems to have minded the store!

What was I doing in Denver, since there was no snow, I had to attend the conferences for the National Convention for Diocesan Vocation Directors.  Yeah, a mouthful, but rolls easily as NCDVD.  With a big thanks to our comrade here, Matt Swaim, faithful listeners to Sacred Heart Radio got some of the updates.

Only one to share here.  The Convention begins on a Sunday night (which is changing, I hear), and is usually a good time, an address by our fearless president (who lurks on my main blog), a few drinks, horror stories from the last year are shared among members, setting a good tone for the rest of the meeting.

This year was different.  Archbishop Celestino Migliore was invited to address the membership at our opening keynote, which was supposed to happen on Monday morning.  His schedule changed, as he was called to give an address to the assembled body of the United Nations!  (He serves as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United Nations, which is why the Pope stayed at his house when he was in New York.)  I guess when the UN calls, he answers.

But instead of giving up on us, he asked if he could address us at the opening night gathering, which we were more than happy to oblige.

Expecting a great presentation on promotion of vocations in a global society, I came ready with pen in hand, looking for pages of notes.  I came away with five lines.  Which seems like a cause for disappointment, but really it was a great joy.  He gave a wonderful reflection on his own vocation story, how he simply wanted to be a good parish priest, and how he has been honored to be asked to do the things he has done.  One of the best talks I have heard.

Amazing how we come to things with expectations, which are left unfulfilled, only to have a deeper impact than we could have ever thought.

God Bless, and it’s good to be back in the Queen City!

Fr. Schnippel


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