“Sometimes he brings on the dark, to help us see the light.”

Catholic author and Cincinnati resident Tammy Bundy has some thoughts on last week’s power outage, which made many of you unable to read Merely Catholic for a few days:

In Genesis, we are told God said, “‘Let there be light’. And then there was light”.

For some of us last week, it was not so simple…

Over the next few days without electricity, I was not able to work on my computer, cook or wash. We had our moments of impatience and, like so many others, would have to throw out any semblance of food in our once cold refrigerator. But what I was able to do more than made up for what we lacked due to no electricity. Because what I was able to do was talk to people in my life that I hadn’t had the time — or more correctly –taken the time to talk to in quite a while.

Get the full text of Tammy’s article at tammybundy.com.

Deacon Conrad Kolis preached a great homily at St. James of the Valley yesterday to a similar effect. He reminded us that our first response in these kinds of situations should be gratitude for the hard work of the people who help get things back to normal.

Speaking of normal, we Swaims got our electricity back at about 8pm on Friday. I was a little bummed that I don’t have an excuse to grill anymore…

Matt Swaim


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