St. Peter Claver

Today is the feast of St. Peter Claver, who shared the faith with some 300,000 recipients who were willing to alter their lives because of it.  As a missionary, yea, the “slave of the slaves,” he traveled from Spain to Colombia to advocate better working conditions and more dignity for the African slaves that were being mistreated by cruel European colonists.  Because of his tireless advocacy of justice, he has been recognized as the patron saint of African-Americans.

Many of our readers probably know that there is actually a St. Peter Claver school in Over the Rhine, founded in part by the late Fr. Al Lauer, the former pastor of Old St. Mary’s who is frequently heard on Sacred Heart Radio.

This being a special day for those students, teachers, and administrators at St. Peter Claver, we offer this prayer, taken from the St. Peter Claver website.:

Heavenly Father, you conferred on St. Peter
Claver a supernatural gift of love. Through
his intercession we pray for the young men
entrusted to St. Peter Claver Latin School to
be transformed by Jesus into strong Christian
leaders, husbands and fathers. May the Holy
Spirit working in and through parents, students
and faculty revitalize the City of Cincinnati and
the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and beyond.
We give you praise and thanksgiving for
inspiring our many generous benefactors
and volunteers and we ask you to grant
their special intentions.

Grant eternal rest to Fr. Al and Fr. Charles.
Let perpetual light shine upon them.

Glory be to the Father, Son and
Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.
St. Peter Claver, pray for us.
St. Martin de Porres, pray for us.
St. Juan Diego, pray for us.
St. Joseph, pray for us.
Fr. Charles, pray for us.
Fr. Al Lauer, pray for us.

Matt Swaim


One response to “St. Peter Claver

  1. Matt et al:

    Cincinnati is also home to the Claver Jesuit Community in South Cumminsville. One of the priests, Fr. Jim Hasse, is a wonderful artist. You can see a beautiful Madonna that is one of my all-time favorites here:

    From his Prayer Gallery of paintings and reflections:

    Their web site is

    Some might find them left-wing, but they live and work with the very poor in love and obedience to Christ, which is a lesson we can all profit from.


    PS: Fr. Hasse uses the poor of the communities he has served in for most, if not all, of his models.

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