St. Gregory the Great

Today’s feast marks a saint who is near and dear to most priests in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati: St. Gregory the Great.  Our Minor Seminary was dedicated to this pivotal figure in the history of Western Europe, and upon her closure in 1980, and the relocation of Mount St. Mary’s Seminary to her present Mount Washington campus, the main chapel remains in St. Gregory’s honor.

Who was this man?  In summary, he was a monk, a deacon, a diplomat, composer, theologian, and pope.  Of all of these various titles, he saw himself primarily as a monk, striving to live the ascetic lifestyle even while ascending to the See of Peter.

The primary legacy that has come down to our day is Gregorian Chant, however his political machinations helped to transform Europe from the Classical Period into the Medieval world.

For more information on one of two (currently) ‘Great’ popes, see the wikipedia article here.

St. Gregory the Great, Pray for us!

– Father Schnippel


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