Lifted In Love

On this feast of St. Augustine, it seems fitting to share a little about my home parish his namesake, Saint Augustine Catholic Church.  I’ve been a member since childhood.  It’s where my husband and I made our sacraments, and now where my children have been baptized.  Known for her massive twin steeples, it can be seen from several miles out of town.  It’s always been tradition when returning home from anywhere, to try to be the first to to spot her, “I see the steeples!” And now, I find my children doing the same.  We’re located in the heart of the rural “land of the crossed tip steeples.” Just last winter my son and I were driving about 15 minutes down Rte 119  towards St. Henry parish, and were able to count more than a dozen Catholic churches.  Our community and it’s surrounding areas have strong German roots, and the pride of our ancestors is evident in the beautiful churches they built for us to gather in.  I feel blessed to call St. Augie home.  You can learn more about our parish and it’s history by checking out .  If you’re ever up this way, stop by. 

Like watchmen so silent-

Do the twin towers stand-

Through quiet and turmoil-

O’er St. Augustine land-

May they ever rise tall-

Before time’s ebbing stand-

Their crosses the pathway-

Unto His loving hand-

Louis A. Hoying


One response to “Lifted In Love

  1. Jamie, I consider it a blessing to reside at the Cathedral and occassionally have the Sunday Mass here (when I’m not out and about), but there is something unique about the ‘Land of the Cross Tipped Churches’ that just breathes the Catholic life, eh?

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