Home with Da Da!

A few weeks ago my family and I went on a great vacation to Florida. We went deep sea fishing, snorkeling, hung out at the beach, and watched the water shows at the aquarium. Wow, what a vacation. I even saw a shark when I was snorkeling! I was a man on top of the world! I have a wonderful wife and two great sons. But as all good times must come to an end, so must this one. My son, Blaise, and I started on our journey home while Amy and Dominic stayed behind to spend a few extra days with her dad and grandma.

                It is never easy leaving the people you love, but when you do, you many times rediscover how much they mean to you. I also knew that this one-on-one time with my 8 month old son, Blaise, would be unforgettable. And it was that. On the way home he was all smiles riding in the stroller smiling at all the people in the airport, taking off and landing in the airplane, and flinging his dinner of squash all over concourse B3. After arriving home and getting settled in, Blaise and I set out for a run. I strapped him in the jogger and off we went for one mile, then two, and then three! I knew he was going to sleep well (and me too!). And he did sleep great, until about 3:00am when it was time for a little snack. As I lifted him out of his crib, all I heard was, “da da da da da da.” What father couldn’t love this moment no matter how tired he was; those big blue eyes looking at you and him wining, “da da da da.” So we headed into my room and as he lay next to me drinking his bottle, I did not want this moment to end. So I let him sleep in my arms as I watched him for the next three hours. The next few days were filled with games, laughter and great conversations. Yes, you can talk with an 8 month old, they love the attention.

                The reason I write this is in light of today’s special meaning to me and my family – it is Amy’s and my anniversary! You see, work, school, sports and other things can pull our attention away from what matters in life – good quality time with our family and close friends. So many times I meet people who are down and depressed about life, and then I look at them and think, what more could you ask for? You have a wonderful family and/or friends, who love you and not only that, but you have a God that is not only our God, but is our Father who wants to travel with us through our ups and downs. He wants to run with us and be there when we wake up at 3:00am, then He wants to hold us in His arms and just watch us sleep. “God loves you” is such a generic saying, but it is a true one! Sometimes we need to soak in what that truly means for God to love us. As a father, it is my goal for my family to see God through me. I am a father who has been blessed to learn from a long line of fathers who always did their best to reflect our true Father in heaven. So whether it is an anniversary, a birthday, or just a “moment,” with our Lord or family and friends, cherish it all. One day, it will be those memories, our family and friends, and our heavenly Father who will help us see the light and joy in the great moments of life. Happy Anniversary, Honey, it has been worth every moment!

-Michael Walsh


One response to “Home with Da Da!

  1. Happy Anniversary! (and many more.)
    God Bless you and your family.

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