Counting Blessings at the Clothesline

The following is an exerpt from an e-mail I sent out to a few family/friends some 4+ years (and 4 kids) ago.  The message came full circle last year, returning to me at a prayer group when someone I had just met asked me if I was “the clothesline lady.”  Apparently the message had stuck with her, so I thought it might be worth repeating.  God bless.

“Happy Monday Everyone!


(I know, grumble, grumble…back to the grindstone for those of you who do the 9-5 routine!)  It was the same attitude for me today too, as I started my laundry that’s been building up all week.  I finally had to give in and run a few loads before the kids started borrowing socks and underwear from my drawer!  It was during my second trip out to the line this morning that I had to giggle when I saw my first load of darks hanging out…about 20 pairs of pint-sized denims all lined up in a row.

Wonder what people driving by thought…are we raising an army of

midgets here or what?!  I had to giggle out loud as I took stock of that

long row of little legs.  So funny to me, I even had to take a picture.

It was there and then on this partly sunny, but awfully chilly 50-

something degree morning, that God took a minute to remind me of all

the little blessings he’s given us!  All this laundry I curse about each

week…piling up, waiting for the Era-elf to take over some night…was

such a visible reminder of these 6 beautiful children we’ve been given

and the means to provide for them.  Not to mention the holey knees as

evidence of their good health and endless energy!  Suddenly the

laundry didn’t seem such a burden today…although I’m sure by the time

it’s folded and put away, I will have lost sight of some of this peace and

joy.  But for a moment, I’m grateful for this next heavy basket of damp

capris and onesies…knowing that it is in my daily service as a mom that

I am honoring God and following my true vocation!  How richly I’ve

been blessed!!!

May you all find a moment of clarity and thank God for your blessings

as you continue your daily grind!

Have a great day all!” ~Jamie


One response to “Counting Blessings at the Clothesline

  1. though childless at the moment, we have established our own clothesline… bizarre how quickly it has become a conversation piece between us and the neighbors… keep us posted on any other domestic conversation starters you come up with.

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