Pope St. Pius X

Today, the Church marks the Memorial of Pope St. Pisu X.  Read in great detail about him in the Catholic Encyclopedia at New Advent

A few highlights:

The College Chapel at the Josephinum, where I did my undergraduate studies, is dedicated to St. Pius X.  Sadly, it was whitewashed at some point in the 70’s or 80’s, but has been restored to the best of ability, beginning under the leadership of Msgr. Frank Lane, Vice-Rector in my senior year.  It was great, about midweek, a note appears on the board: “Work Party, Chapel, 9:00 AM Saturday, wear work clothes”  That’s it.  We show up, he’s there and obviously ready to work.  The shutters over the windows came down, fresh paint was applied, and things started changing.  Oh, what a happy day!

Oh, for all those preparing for First Communion (or having just celebrated), you can thank Pope Pius X for moving the age of communion to the age of reason at 7 years old (commonly second grade here in the States.)  However, for you ultra-traditionalists out there, this changed the order of the Sacraments of Initiation, as First Communion moved prior to Confirmation, leading to the question of why do we give our most precious gift of the Eucharist to less than fully initiated members?  Something to discuss in the combox, and there is no easy answer!

Finally, trivia!  Who was the last pope prior to Pius X to be declared a Saint?  (No cheating! Pius IX is still on beatified, not canonized, although it may happen soon!)


4 responses to “Pope St. Pius X

  1. Speaking of Popes named Pius, does anyone know why there is a Pio Nono Avenue in Atlanta? We just drove home from Florida last week and saw it on exit signs. I was the only one in the car that knew who Pio Nono was (could there be a DIFFERENT Pio Nono???). But how he got a major street in Atlanta named after him is a mystery to me.

  2. hmmm. interesting. And a question for your question? How is that some receive First Eucharist before First Reconciliation? In our area it is Penance then Eucharist.

  3. I just found an article this week when cleaning old things out of my office, and the article spoke about the necessity of Penance before First Communion, and that any other practice, per order of the Vaticn, should be halted immediately. I think it was dated in the 80’s…and there is a parish just down the road that doesn’t offer first Confession until..get this…..5th grade! They cite that the sacrament is too “traumatic” for 2nd graders!

    Of all the stupid arguments! (Um…I’m not sure if that parish makes that argument, but it was one of them in the article. )

    I love St. Pius X – was an incredible Pope, and his encyclical on Modernity is extremely readable.

  4. As far as I know, the last pope Canonized before Pius X was: Pius V, the pope who concluded the Council of Trent.

    Jamie, to your question, the answer is that these poor adults who inflict this upon our children are solely misguided.

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