Be like Little Children

Today’s Gospel reading is another of those times where Jesus has to pound on His diciples.  They are getting closer to Jerusalem, Jesus has been tranfigured before Peter, James and John; He’s talked about how they are going to Jerusalem and the Kingdom will be established; and the disciples are starting to get a little too full of themselves.

So, as they walk along: ‘Hey, Lord, who’s the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?’ Surely, they are thinking he’s gonna name us!  But no, he takes a little child and places it in their midst and says: ‘Unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter into the Kingdom.’

Huh?  Did He just say what I think He did?

Yes, He did.

So, how do we ‘become like little children’?  Trust.  A small child, especially, trusts implicitly that its needs will be taken care of, and to find joys in the simple things of life.  (Who here has spent a good amount of change on the new toy, only to have the box be more interesting than the actual toy?)

Trust in God, rely on Him for all that you need, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  Then we will be like little children.


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