The Catholic Near East Welfare Association

These days, it’s tough to find someone who does not have an opinion on the political situation in Iraq, as well as the United States’ involvement there, and this is rightly so.  

That being said, many people are not aware of the Catholic Church’s organized modern effort (since the 1920’s) to aid the East, including Iraq, via the Catholic Near East Welfare Association (The CNEWA), a papal agency for humanitarian and pastoral support.  The organization, founded by Pope Pius XI, works toward supporting Eastern churches, assisting the needy, aiding in interfaith efforts, and public awareness of the variety of peoples living in the East. 

Some of the remarkable aspects of the Association, are the giving options which they have made available. While sponsorship efforts are typically a giving trend more prevalent in Evangelical charities, this papal agency makes it simple to choose to sponsor a seminarian, novice sister, or child.  In addition, there are money market account options, as well as the opportunity to fund a particular project in a specific village/city and country.

The CNEWA is also a vital source of information on Eastern Churches and should be of especial interest to Cincinnati Catholics, owing to the fact that we have an Eastern Catholic church right here in our own city – Saint Anthony of Padua Maronite Church. 

From my view, this is one initiative that all Catholics, no matter their politics, should find encouraging.

Colleen Swaim (is not employed by the CNEWA, just really pumped to know they exist!)


One response to “The Catholic Near East Welfare Association

  1. Colleen, I met my husband when he worked for CNEWA and I worked in the same building. They are and were absolutely and amazing group.

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