Reverence Refreshers, Pt. 1

During which of the following times is it appropriate for Catholics to bow?
a. Directly before receiving Holy Communion
b. When crossing in front of the altar
c. During the part of the Nicene Creed which states, “by the power of the Holy Spirit, he was born of the Virgin Mary, and became man”
d. All of the above

Answer at will in the combox.

-Matt Swaim


3 responses to “Reverence Refreshers, Pt. 1

  1. d) All of the above!
    WoooHoooo!! Whad I win?!

  2. “D!”, sayeth the Surfbuddha.

  3. D! D! D!

    At least that’s my understanding. You’ll hear otherwise from some folks. During my first year liturgy class we were encouraged to do a “head nod” rather than an actual bow before receiving Holy Communion. (Rationale being that the latter was a “profound bow,” a different liturgical act.) Not sure that I understood that one, as the instruction is to bow.

    I have certainly noticed that bowing during the Nicene Creed has apparently *not* taken in many parishes. (I’m speaking to my summer experience in the Archdiocese of Seattle at the moment, fwiw.) Or, more likely, many pastors don’t seem to be reminding folks of how we roll in 2008.

    Great blog, by the way.

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