The Importance of Praying for Priests

I was out on vacation over the weekend, and didn’t have my computer with me, so no new daily reflections.  (They’ll begin again tomorrow)  However, that didn’t stop the Catholic Telegraph from running my latest column introducing St. Michael Prayer Warriors and the Call of the King Conference to the readership!  The complete article is over at Called by Name: snippet:

It was an odd shift happening before my eyes: I, a celibate priest, was becoming a father.  Even though most of the congregation was much older than me, I was giving them the strength and encouragement to start the day, just as my human father used to do when I was much younger.  We had become a family, and I know now that just as I was praying for them, they were praying for me.  We were sealed in Christ, united to become His Body, present to the world.

This reciprocal prayer becomes a vital and necessary aspect of life in the parish, for it is in prayer that the body is truly made one.  However, it is not an easy thing to foster, especially as our lives grow more and more hectic, both in the families of the parish, but also on the part of the priest.  Hence, we must make this union of prayer much more explicit than it ever has been before.


The Conference is on September 21, 2008, at 7:00 PM at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center.  There is no fee, but registration is requested: at

    – Father Schnippel


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