A Prayer to St. Christopher on his Feast Day

St. Christopher, a.k.a. the ferryist formerly known as Offero, celebrates his feast today. Of course, the name change came after Offer (which in Latin means “carrier” or “bearer”), carried the Christ child across a stream (hence Christ-offer, or “Christ-bearer”). As a result, he has come to be known as the patron saint of travellers of all kinds.

With so many of us tempted to abuse the name of the Lord during stressful highway situations, it would perhaps be a better idea to prayerfully invoke the intercession of St. Christopher. If you’re having trouble remembering to do so, it might be a decent idea to print out the following prayer and have it handy in your fossil-fueled vehicular transport of choice:

Grant me, O Lord, a steady hand and watchful eye,
That no one shall be hurt as I pass by.
You gave life, I pray no act of mine
May take away or mar that gift of thine.
Shelter those, dear Lord, who bear my company,
From the evils of fire and all calamity.
Teach me, to use my car for others need;
Nor miss through love of undue speed
The beauty of the world;
That thus I may
With joy and courtesy go on my way.St. Christopher, holy patron of travelers, protect me and lead me safely to my destiny. Amen.

Prayer courtesy of catholicculture.org.


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