The Magdalene Marriage Myth

Today is the feast of St. Mary Magdalene, famously featured in the gospel resurrection narratives.  In recent years, much has been made of the possibility of a marital relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, a fabrication that was greatly popularized by “The Da Vinci Code.” Many have undertaken to rebut the misunderstandings surrounding the life of St. Mary Magdalene, including Amy Welborn, who artfully defends the real Mary in “De-coding Mary Magdalene: Truth, Legend and Lies.” Amy had this to say about the nonexistent nuptials in a 2006 interview with Ignatius Insight:

“…(T)here is no mention of any such marriage in early Christian traditions – the traditions, for example, that give us the name of Mary’s parents (Joachim and Anna). No, this Jesus-Mary Magdalene marriage is a twentieth-century creation.

“Interestingly enough, in the massive legendary material surrounding the figure of Mary Magdalene, a marriage is mentioned – one of the legends says that the Wedding at Cana was actually the marriage of Mary Magdalene and John the Apostle. John was so impressed with Jesus’ miracle there that he abandoned everything and followed Jesus. This ticked Mary Magdalene off to such an extent that she went off and led a profligate life until she, too, saw the truth, and became a follower of Jesus.

Get the full text of Amy’s interview here.

-Matt Swaim


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