Go and tell my brothers

The Gospel reading for today’s Mass breaks are regular flow from the Gospel According to Matthew and brings us to a short diversion from the Gospel According to St. John for the Memorial of St. Mary Magdalene.  (For more information on her role, see Matt’s post below.)

Because of her commission by Jesus to ‘Go to my brothers and tell them…,’ her role is often confused.  Does this mean that she has an authority over them?  By no means, however it does not mean that they cannot learn from her.  She has remained more devoted to Him than they, and she is to call them back to where they should be.  This is not a unique of this happening in the Church, as St. Catherine of Sienna did much the same thing in getting the Popes to come back to Rome after their brief forray into Avignon.

More importantly, though, this episode points to the role of the believer in co-operation with the Apostles.  The Twelve (and their successors) are the ones who have the authority to shape the message, but all believers are called to make the message known through the witness of their lives and their willingness to ‘go and tell others about Me.’

How will you make the message of Salvation won by Jesus known today?

-Fr. Kyle Schnippel


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