A Prayer For The United States

From the book Saints for Our Times: New Novenas and Prayers by Barry Michaels:

Almighty Father, bless the United States of America.

When we are at our best, we are a shining reminder and defender of the human dignity with which you have blessed every person. This American experiment has provided a extraordinary mantle of justice under which countless people have enjoyed the freedom to live out the rights and duties that come with our human dignity.

And yet we have failed and continue to fail at times to respect justice and human dignity. W ask your forgiveness for all of the ways, past and present, that we have ignored the value of human life; the sacredness of marriage, the family, and sexuality; the rights of all people of every race and religion; the responsibilities we all have toward the poor. Forgive us, Father, for the ways in which we have personally participated and allowed our consciences to be formed by these sins of our society.

Send your Spirit upon our nation, Father, to deepen and enrich our best instincts and most admirable traditions, and to cleanse us of our most selfish and sinful ways. May the Church in America flourish and grow strong in faith and love, making the Gospel of Christ known in our land.

Saints of the United States, ora pro nobis!

-Matt Swaim


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