Sibling Saints?

Zenit reports that the brother of a recently canonized saint may join his sister on the Church’s calendar:

The cause for Friar Albert Beretta, brother of St. Gianna Beretta, opened in Italy last month. Friar Albert was an Italian missionary in Brazil for 33 years, and is also an “example of the ideal of holiness,” a bishop who worked with him told ZENIT.
Retired Bishop Serafim Spreafico of Grajau, Maranhao, in northern Brazil, reflected on the life of his countryman and fellow Capuchin, and that of his sister.

“They are two spectacularly important siblings for today’s world, extraordinary examples of fraternity, of family holiness,” he said.

Albert Beretta was born in Milan in 1916. He was already a doctor and surgeon when he was ordained a priest in the Capuchin Order in 1948. He left for Brazil a year later.

Bishop Spreafico described Friar Albert as “a witness of the beatitudes. […] He was a witness of God’s presence in every person, from the beginning to the end.”

Sounds like Gianna and Albert go together like Benedict and Scholastica.

-Matt Swaim


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